i don’t think i’ve mentioned just how cute i am today. i think i should remedy that.
you know, i’m looking quite cute today. that is all!

reason #43 why it sucks to have your kitchen carpeted:
do you have any idea how hard it is to get half a bottle of woolite out of low-pile carpet? adding water just makes more bubbles. i could have soaked and scrubbed it half the night and i’d still have a patch of foamy carpet. grr.
hopefully, it will be all dried up by the time i get back on monday.

don't worry, be happy

world, this is my newest second cousin, nicholas. nicholas, welcome to the internet. ain’t he adorable?
in other, not quite cute as a baby, news my email address has been hijacked by someone spamming virus-laden email. i’ve gotten about six or so bounces from non-existing email addresses and virus software. if i’ve gotten six notifications of incorrect addresses, i can only imagine how many have actually gone through. i’m thoroughly displeased about this. i guess this means i need to change my email address. ugh. i hate changing my email address.
the labour day long weekend is upon us, which means i’m braving bc ferries on the last long weekend of summer. i hope my mother realizes how much i love her to do this.

all right, i’ve found my new favourite restaurant.
as alan mentioned, this restaurant is on the same grounds as the hare krishna temple. we went for a peek in the temple to see the deities before they were closed (for some reason we forgot to ask about, they draw curtains around them from noon until four pm, but they hadn’t yet done that, lucky for us). the grounds were lovely and the patio for the restaurant had a trickling fountain and was overgrown with kiwi vines!
the food was amazing. i chickened out and just got a safe garden wrap (which itself was very delicious), but both my co-workers got this amazing dish called thali which consisted of samosas, whole-wheat chapattis, tamarind chutney, basmati rice, dhal, subji and a sweet dessert called burfi. i, of course, had to taste all of their food and i will definitely get that next time i go. which will be soon.
just think, six years ago, i’d never had thai, vietnamese, japanese, african or indian food. i’m turning into a veritable gastronomic globetrotter!

cousin feet on lac seul

there are far too many people double-taking and complimenting me today. i’m starting to get paranoid. also, they really shouldn’t have put a scale in the fitness room at work because now i’m obsessed with weighing myself every morning. luckily, the number has been dropping lately, but it’s not a habit i really want to get stuck with just in case i start being a slothful pig again.
i’ll report more on it later, but we’re planning on going to the hare krishna restaurant for lunch. this could be interesting!

there’s nothing better than starting the day out with pancakes. i truly believe that pancakes can make anything better. you can eat them with syrup or jam, use them as chair cushions, wear them as a funky french-inspired hat or strap them to your feet and walk on snow. yay pancakes!
two weeks tonight and i’ll be back in school. i’m very excited. of course, you may all remind me of this when, in about five weeks time, i’m all stressed out about homework and deadlines. i may complain while in the throws of educational stress, but i really do love it. this summer has been oddly lacking without class.
speaking of school, i finally got around to submitting my application to the program i’ve said i’m taking. now it’s only 6-8 weeks before i hear if i’ve gotten accepted. it’ll be kind of cool to officially be part of a program. it may just be a baby associate certificate, but it’s a start. i need to win the lottery so i can go into the full-time cst diploma program. now that would be cool.
it never ceases to amaze me that my hair knows when it’s about to get hacked off and behaves very well just at the moment i’ve decided to get rid of it. stupid hair, i guess you’re staying long for the time being. just don’t get uppity or i’ll take the clippers to you.

while watching something stupid on tv the other day, a commercial for an album by some band came on. the ad itself wasn’t all that exciting, but the music really caught my attention, as did the name of the band. of course, being the web-enabled geek i wish i was, i went in search of a website for them. there i found some samples of their songs and tried to figure out how to convert the real audio files to mp3 so that i could have them for free.
that’s about the time i decided to read their bio page and i discovered that i used to know one of the members of this band back in highschool. sam parton, and her twin sister erin, used to work at the same mcdonald’s i did. i even had a brief crush on their brother, rob.
what a tiny little world!
at that moment i realized i couldn’t steal their music, as i was planning to. i went to the nettwerk records site (to avoid receiving the nasty emi copy protected version) and immediately ordered myself their latest cd. it should arrive sometime this week, if all goes well. i can’t wait. neither should you.
hurry up and go get yourself some of the be good tanyas!
p.s. sam’s hair in the photo of her on the bio page is pretty much how i’m hoping to get mine cut in the near future.

things are still amiss with my data and account, but i really dislike not posting so i’m braving the host which doesn’t give a shit about their customers.
i haven’t mentioned anything regarding my trip, have i? well, north-west ontario is hot. damn hot! real hot! so hot in my shorts, i could cook things in them, do a little crotch-pot cooking! (bonus points if you know where that comes from) thankfully both the car i rented (2003 chevy malibu, baby) and two out of three places i slept had a/c or it was highly probable i might have died from the heat. the bugs weren’t too bad, except for that one night we were outside as the sun went down. the bastard mosquitos even got me through my socks.
the wedding was lovely. i kind of got dubbed the backup photographer because i was running around taking all sorts of candids while the guy they paid took all the portrait-like shots. i’m sending out a cd with all the photos i took so the happy couple can get them developed if they so desire. that reminds me, i have to get that in the mail today. i took almost 300 pictures while i was gone. i’m a crazy person!
i came home with a head cold, just like every time i fly, so i’ve been a sniffly, sleepy girl this week. i also lost five pounds somewhere along the way. luckily, i also seem to have misplaced my appetite. i have very little interest in food, which may help me keep that five pounds lost. cross your fingers.
there are more vacation stories, but i should try and get some work done since i’m here again.

my host has fucked things up and i’m missing over two months of posts, photos and comments. i don’t know if i’ll get them back, but i’m not going to post anything new until i hear from them regarding the situation. cross your fingers it gets fixed soon.

i’ve decided that today is going to be “hang around the apartment naked” day. i’ve got three videos, a fridge full of nummy food and a cool breeze coming in the windows. this is the perfect day to shed the clothes and just let it all hang out.

i’m a moron who closed the browser in the middle of trying to write this post. so, in lieu of well-formed prose you now get point form:
– i got 8 hours of cool sleep last night. in a row. i’m human again!
– i tried to burn down my apartment last night.
– why do paper cuts hurt more than other kinds of cuts?
– i’ve eaten a lot of steak this summer. i might be in need of supplements.
– i keep dreaming of new cars and lots of money. i hope the plan comes together.
– i totally blew off 26 things. i’m so ashamed.
– i think i might get my hair chopped off this weekend.
– i found a copy of javascript unleashed for $15 last night. that’s $60 off the cover price. score!