so, i’m single in 2014.

i got dumped two days before xmas. by text message. after almost eight years together.

and i still don’t know why.

to say it was a gut-punch is putting it lightly. i’ve spent the last month mostly in shock. it’s only been the last few days when i’m finally getting sad. i think i preferred the shock, though.

everything reminds me of him. everything i’ve done for the last eight years has included him. i went down to bellingham with the girls a couple weeks ago and while wandering around target i kept catching myself thinking “i should look at [blank] for chris. oh, wait.”  it was hard. it is hard.

i have a box of his things in the trunk of my car, but i can’t bring myself to go anywhere near his house. i avoided a union meeting because i just couldn’t bear to be that near where he lives. plus, we always hung out before them and, well, i really didn’t want to have to explain why he wasn’t there with me to my co-workers.

that’s the other terrible thing.  pity face.  i’ve been slowly telling my co-workers, but only when they directly ask about him. and then they get the pity face. yeah, that’s awesome.  no, not really.

thank god for my friends. they’re amazing and being so good to me. i’m sure i’d be in a much, much worse place if it wasn’t for them.

so, yeah. words. ugh.

2 Thoughts on “a brand new life

  1. Holy buckets, that sucks. I’m so sorry. Words are so inadequate when trying to console a broken heart. I wish I had better ones to give to you.

  2. helen price on January 24, 2014 at 18:16 said:

    I completely agree with Jodi. As a very very long time reader of your blog, I feel pretty awful for you. And don’t sell yourself short. Your blog is by far the best blog I read. I read a lot of them, I write one myself, and truly enjoy yours. Plus I panic just a little when I think you are maybe going to quit! Its kind of like losing a good friend. So I agree with Jodi…words don’t help. Just know some of us out here are feeling for you.

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