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yesterday, my blog turned eight years old! woo!
although the last year or so has been relatively quiet compared to those early days of multiple posts per day and blogging on weekends, i’m still glad i’ve kept it around. surprisingly, there even seem to be a few of you who still come around to see what’s going on.
i’ve had a lot of things rattling around in my brain to write about lately, but time and circumstances don’t permit for blog-writing the way i prefer to do it. i cannot access this website from work, which means, because i self-host, i cannot access the software to publish to this site during the day; and, as my life has evolved, once i get home the last thing i want to do is spend any signicant time in my computer chair typing. it’s not that i don’t spend time at the computer at home, but these days there just seems to be so many other things which need doing when i’m there i can’t find the dedicated time to write. browsing the runnersworld.com forums or twittering don’t take the same kind of brain power as actually writing.
obviously, if i want to start publishing again, i need to work on a new procedure. i guess this post is the first step towards that goal.
anyhoo, happy anniversary weblog! here’s to eight more years together!

5 Thoughts on “belated, like always

  1. Happy 8th Anniversary of your Blog!
    (I refuse to use the term Blogaversary, except to point out that I refuse to use it).

  2. ~Heather W~ on August 12, 2008 at 13:35 said:

    Here’s to 80 more! ;-)

  3. ~Heather W~ on August 12, 2008 at 13:36 said:

    (BTW, couldn’t you write your stuff at work in like Notepad, then just cut and paste it at home while you’re Twittering or whatnot?)

  4. Yeah, as Heather W said… I used to write blog posts in my gmail account, save as drafts, then get home and c&p it into my blog. It was especially helpful not because I couldn’t access it at work, but the length of some of my posts made it impossible to do it all at once. Having a generic area to come back to and edit was nice, even if it wasn’t in the blogware.
    There is always setting your post date to some point in the future…
    Here’s hoping for more posts! Maybe the folks at NaBloPoMo.com can inspire you!

  5. Congrats on 8 years..
    Patiently waiting your next post! ;-)

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