today is my blog’s 10th birthday.
i wanted to make a big production with prizes and retrospectives and “best of”s, but yeah. it’s not really that kind of blog anymore, is it?
every august 10th, i take a few minutes to think about all the good things this website has brought me. i’ve met some of my most favourite people thanks to my weblog. i’ve kept other friends and family members up on my latest antics and tragedies. i’ve shared my photos and creations. i’ve gotten support and encouragement when i needed it most. i’ve used it to learn about myself and words and html and css. i’ve vented and cursed and swooned and gushed and laughed and cried and grumbled. all out here in the open on the internets for anyone to see and share.
i miss it, if i’m really honest with myself. i miss the multiple posts per day. the comments and commentary. the link backs. the random wish list gifts. the stalkers. even the template thieves! but, facebook and twitter have made that sort of blogging passe, i suppose. i’m not interesting enough to be a paid blogger like Dooce or knowledgeable enough about anything in particular to monetize my ramblings, which seems to be the only reason why people have blogs these days.
i started writing online when i didn’t have a lot going on in my life. i didn’t really have any local friends to spend time with. if i wasn’t working, i was probably chatting online or sitting alone in my apartment. the vancouver blogging community (and, later, meetup, flickr and twitter) changed all that for me. if i hadn’t started a blog, i probably wouldn’t have met so many great friends who’ve brought such fun and joy into my life. i would never have met Christopher. i can only imagine i would be a much lonelier and sadder person than i am now.
all from a few words on a server somewhere connected by a bunch of bits travelling around the world superfast! how awesome is technology?!
also, every august 10th, i make some vague promise to blog more, blog better; but, i can’t promise that to you anymore. i blow my wad on conversations with real people these days; or, spew out my pith in 140 characters or less. it’s been years since i’ve managed to be interesting on a consistent basis. i apologize for that. i miss you, it, us, them. it’s not the same as it was back at the beginning of this shiny new century; but it is what it is and, honestly, i don’t mind it all that much.
so, happy birthday blog! and happy birthday blog readers! thanks for the shoulders, the ears, the laughs, the love, the learning and the decade of your time & attention.

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