whoa! eleven years! i’ve been blogging for eleven years? that’s fucked up.
what’s the eleventh anniversary? steel! well… i did buy myself tickets for a big steel bird to take me to England in October! i guess that should count nicely. =)
so, yeah, after talking about going to England for ELEVEN YEARS (what a coincidence!), i’ve finally gotten around to buying tickets. they’re non-refundable and non-transferable, so i absolutely can’t bow out now. HOLY CRAP! i’m going to England! i’m giddy and scared and excited and thrilled and and and! i’m also so very glad that i’m going with Kimli & Renee. while i like to think that i’m all independent and stuff, i probably wouldn’t have ever gotten around to going there on my own. they’ll be my instigators and wing-women as we hustle around London (and maybe Paris? and/or Cardiff?) taking in all the awesome and making adventure in our own image.
p.s. Kimli & i are sharing a table at the Blim market portion of Picnurbia Carfree Festival at the corner of Robson & Howe this Sunday. word is they’re laying turf on the street and everyone’s invited to roll around on it! i’m confused and delighted and hope y’all come buy to visit us!

2 Thoughts on “time flies (and so do i!)

  1. I AM SO EXCITED YOU ARE COMING TO LONDON !!! Seriously, it wouldn’t have been the same trip without you – HOORAY! :D

  2. Congratulations on the blogiversary and the tickets! We go a way back in cyberspace, don’t we? ;-) Don’t worry — I promised never to show anyone those chat logs, and I keep those promises.
    I don’t suppose those London tickets fly back through Washington DC, do they?
    Oh, one last note. It’s very amusing to me that in your second post you were already talking about shaving scrotums.

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