i’m feeling overwhelmed again.  there’s just too much to do.  both of the awesome stuff and the crappy stuff.

now that i have an awesome sewing room, i want to sew all the things.

now that i have outdoor spaces, i want to grow all the food & pretty flowers and have barbecues and sit in the backyard reading a book whilst drinking coffee on a balmy evening.

now that i live in a house with four other people, there’s always something which needs cleaning/fixing.

now that i no longer live in the concrete city, i’m constantly finding spider webs and bugs in the house which need eliminating.

now that i have part-time kids who hate everything i love to cook, i’m constantly trying to find healthy food they’ll eat.

now that i’ve spent all my money on the transition to co-habitating and setting up our home, i am broke and need to re-learn how to be frugal and stop spending goddamn money all the damn time.

this means i can’t go to all the great fitness/dance classes i want to because:  1) $20 each is too much; 2) plus paying for parking downtown; 3) not to mention the 90+minutes of driving to/from just to get to them eats up way too much of my evenings.

this also means that i can’t afford to treat my mother to all the things she deserves/i want to for her upcoming 80th birthday.

not to mention i’ll be off work for six weeks soon and i’ll have a reduced income for that period.  ugh.  stress.

so, yeah.  i was telling brad that it would be so much easier if i just didn’t want to do/have as many things as i do.  why can’t i be dumb and uninformed and not curious and be happy with a small, boring life with no excitement or interests?  i’d be so much happier.  wouldn’t i?

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