and the world just keeps getting scarier…
i had a sudden thought, what if there really was no terrorist plot thwarted? what if this is just the governments’ way of using fear as a means to an end?
“hey, there were these people who were going to blow up three planes a day using liquid explosives, so now there is no hand baggage on any planes anywhere. oh, yeah, and you can’t travel without a passport, and a biometric ID card, and you better be able to account for your whereabouts during your entire trip because we’re putting an RFID tag into your cellphone/PDA/camera while it’s in the cargo hold of the plane. rights? this is for your PROTECTION. don’t you want to feel SAFE?”
then again, maybe i just shouldn’t have watched V for Vendetta the other week.

One Thought on “clear plastic bags

  1. fizzgig on August 13, 2006 at 13:34 said:

    you’d better watch what you say about such things. They’ll come black bag you and you’ll disappear forever…..

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