again, i’m late with my annual blogiversary post.  i thought about it on the weekend, but i was too busy getting my hair done and riding bikes in the forest and going to america to spend lots of money i don’t have.  sorry!

so, fifteen years.  it’d like to say it’s been fifteen years of blogging, but it’s more like fifteen years of this blog’s existence.  i still can’t believe that i keep this around and that i’m still friends with people i met through this thing at the start of this millennium.  if nothing else, i’m thankful for that.  i’m glad i got to connect to so many amazing people and had a place to dump all my brain thoughts when i didn’t have as close a group of confidants as i am lucky enough to have today.

my life is very different than it was when i started putting my words on the internet in august 2000.  this year has seen a lot of big changes for me and i’m so very excited to be 43 (oh, yeah, i had a birthday) and so less filled with angst and despair.  i look back at that twenty-something girl who first started typing in that text box and i want to give her a huge hug and imbue her with the confidence to know she’s awesome and people will start recognizing that just as soon as she does.  she suffered needlessly; it hurts to remember how much some times.

i’m not going to make any empty promises about blogging more because i know i will just renege on them.  this isn’t where i put my thoughts first anymore.  i share them with my incredible people now, which is as it should be.  i will try to keep up my anniversary posts and maybe even try to continue the year-in-review type posts either at the end of the year or on my birthday.  if i remember.

One Thought on “fifteen is a nice, round number

  1. (that other) Heather on August 25, 2015 at 17:28 said:

    Holy crap, 15 years? We were in our 20s back then? Both things seem inconceivable!

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