well, that year was interesting.

one year ago today, i got dumped by text message over what eventually revealed itself to be a total misunderstanding created because of an utter failure in basic communication (and lots of unresolved emotional damages on both sides).  so, how’s it been to be single again after (almost) eight years?

short answer: terrible.

medium answer: it started out terrible, but it got a little less terrible as time passed.

long answer:

i spent a lot of time this year being angry and sad and lonely and mad and all the five stages of grief. i didn’t understand and once i did understand, i was so upset that something so stupid could happen. then, i realized that if something like that could end a relationship, it was probably for the best; but, that doesn’t mean i’m not still overtaken by memories and emotions.  we were together for eight years.  pretty much every part of my life had him in it for so long… it’s been a lot of work to learn to dodge the emotional daggers when some memory or situation comes up.

overall, i’m finally happy again.  i’m in a really good place in relation to a lot of things in my life and i’m very excited for all the things 2015 will bring.  a year ago, i didn’t know what life was going to be like.  i still don’t, for certain, but i have a much clearer map in my head and i’m super thrilled at where i’m headed.

so, today, i’m officially closing that chapter of my life.  i’ve been loved and i’ve had my heart torn apart. yet, i’m thankful for every day we had together.  i learned a lot about myself: who i am and who i want to be.

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