i was so busy feeling sad that yet another high potential tinder dude suddenly stopped talking to me that i forgot about my blog’s 14th birthday. and my 42nd birthday, kind of.

so, stuff:

– dating is hard and heartbreaking and frustrating and stupid.
– it’s fucking hot this summer and i’m none too pleased about it.
– all the dresses!
– work is crazy and awful and busy and stressful and weirdly complementary.
– the newest dental hygienist thinks i have excellent teeth & gums.
– next year i’m shaving the cats in may.
– he might have turned out to be a total asshole, but i’m thankful that first tinder dude introduced me to the secretly huge vancouver improv scene.
– i have the best group of friends i could ever have wished for.
– moar tattoos, please (oh, yeah. i got a tattoo!).
– i finally learned how to mascara AND eyebrow!
– oh, and i went back to london in june for kimli’s 40th birthday where i met a cousin from my dad’s side no one knew existed and she invited me to stay with her “anytime” so i really hope she meant it because i’m so totally going back.
– henna.
– it’s really nice to not have broken feet.

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