i’m a smattering of days away from three months into my new position at work and i’m loving it.  despite all the fear and trepidation, it was the exact right thing to do.  i get to sleuth out stuff and share a cube quad with lovely ladies who bring loads of snacks.  i don’t have people yelling at me about shit they had a hand in fucking up/delaying in the first place.  i don’t get dirty — which means i get to wear all my cute clothes more often. there’s overtime!

yeah.  this was the right move.  totally.

i’m not wholly enamoured with starting work a half hour earlier though.  it’s so much harder to get up and out for 7 than 7:30.  ugh.

otherwise, Italy feels like so long ago now.  especially with xmas nipping at my heels. when did THAT happen?  geez.

i feel like i’m not doing much; but, if that’s the case, why am i so tired all the time?  i know i have a bit of the SADs.  i get that every year.  maybe i should up my daily vitamin D dose or something.

improv has had it’s ups and downs this semester.  i had a really hard time getting into sync with my new group at the beginning (thanks to me missing a couple classes from injury and Italy AND being totally intimidated by all these other improvisors i’d seen performing and feeling really out-classed), but that all got wiped out by our awesome first show.  and then our second was a complete cock-up.  then our next class after it was awesome and amazing and filled with a whole new energy that felt really good to my wounded improv muscles.  of course, none of that stopped me from applying for next term.

i can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my first improv class with Shane. crazy.  so much has happened in those two years it’s hard to even believe they happened.

yeah… stuff.  life, things, people. woo.

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