i’ve really shat the bed on this whole “blogging” thing, haven’t i?

i got engaged, had a birthday and the blog turned 19 — all without nary a peep.

three months later…

no, really. i totally suck at this. let’s see what i can do to rectify that.


last februrary 13th, brad & i went for a walk around LaFarge Lake to see their winter lights display. halfway around the lake, we stopped on a small lookout platform where he proceeded to tell me a story about his Great Aunt Babe who got married much later in life when her boyfriend proposed “with this ring”.  eep!  suddenly, i was engaged! #heputaringonit

it’s now a year later and our wedding date of may 10, 2020 is approaching at breakneck speed.  most of the big things are already sorted:  venue, photographer, catering, wedding dress, groom.  the little things are now starting to fall into place:  hair & makeup, set-up & take-down, crafting decor & favours.  holy shit, though.  planning a wedding, even a small one, is no joke!

this weekend alone, brad is going out suit shopping with his best man and we’re having our engagement photo session. plus, i still need to run some crafting tests to ensure my plans aren’t entirely ridiculous (news flash: of course they’re <em>somewhat</em> ridiculous. this is me, afterall). and, i need a manicure pre-photos and plan what we’re going to wear (all while b’s family from the island is coming over and the kids will be at ours).

i’m exhausted just thinking about it. and that’s just one weekend!


i got new glasses this summer.  it’s hard to believe i’ve only been wearing them full-time for three years. but, if i want to read, i kinda have to. my arms are no longer long enough to hold things far enough away for my forty-something eyes to focus.  presbyopia is a bitch, i tell you.

this is what i get for spending most of my teenagehood wishing i needed glasses, i suppose.


oh! i had a whirlwind trip to Boston & Chicago this summer!  i spent 41 hours awake travelling to Chicago via Edmonton, Ottawa and Boston to help my friend heather (eop) transport her two cats to her new life in Chi-town.  we hadn’t seen each other in 19 years, but when she put out the call for someone to help with the cat wrangling, i jumped on the opportunity.  everyone seems to think it was way more of a huge deal that i did so than it was – i really feel like i got the best out of it.  a subsidized trip to see a long-lost friend, two cities i like AND cats?!  it was a no brainer.

even after almost two decades apart, it was awesome to find out we were still able to talk and hang like we always have.  we both admitted to each other that we’d had worries about that, but were so glad our long-distance, low-maintenance friendship has totally held up.  i love those kinds of friendships.


i sew a lot. i mean, i must, as i now have two sewing machines and two sergers. wtf? how did that happen?

i also started a sewing-only instagram account last year that now has more followers than my 10-year-old original account.  double-wtf?!

actually, it’s been awesome. the online sewing community is kind of amazing. add in all the super cool local sewists… it makes for a really welcoming and supportive environment to advance my skills.

after the xmas holidays and rushing around was over, i had a whole week at home with minimal commitments and i spent almost all of it in the office sewing up stuff. it was fucking glorious.  honestly, it’s my favourite thing to do. i just wish i had more free time to do it.  le sigh.


in everything old is new again news, i spent 7 hours on sunday setting up my dad’s new computer and porting over all his info.

i haven’t done anything super computery in a long ass time.  i mean, i use macs now.  i don’t have time for fiddling with this anymore. that being said, it was kind of fun to flex those muscles again.  it’s not <em>that</em> long ago that i’d spend allllllllll my free time futzing with my various flavours of PCs: tweaking this, reinstalling this, upgrading this, replacing this hardware, etc.  while i don’t <em>miss</em> it, it did remind me of why i enjoyed it so much – even the frustrating parts.

but, i’m not going back to it!  i need all that time for sewing! ;)


okay, that’s it for now.  i won’t insult you (or myself) by making any promise that i’ll write more.  if you want me, you can find me on instagram and facebook, and sometimes twitter.  i can barely maintain my grocery lists – this doesn’t stand a chance.  sorry.


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