what what?!  this here blog is now 18 years old!  old enough to vote!  buy booze in Alberta!  enlist in the military!  legally change its name!

every year i lament that it’s a long-suffering and ignored entity, but i still love it so and will always keep it.  thanks for dropping by!  we both appreciate it!

exclamation points!

2017:  sweet seventeen and all the gruesome details
sweet sixteen!
2015:  fifteen is a nice, round number
2014:  shit, sorry
2013:  lucky number 13
2012: it’s not goodbye. yet. maybe.
2011: time files (and so do i!)
2010: pass the cake!
2009: well, fuck me running
2008: belated, like always
2007: (it looks like i was busy trying to buy car, and forgot)
2006: trolls and stalkers and spam, oh my!
2005: belated blogday
2004: four fucking years!
2003: (there were technical difficulties of some sort, it seems)
2002: time flies
2001: who woulda thunk it
2000: the post which started it all

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