hey, i totally forgot that yesterday was there here website’s fifth birthday. hard to believe i’ve been doing this blogging thing for five years so far. every once in a while i read through the archives and i think that i used to be a lot more clever, then i realize that i didn’t chat at work so all my quick and witty thoughts got posted here. now they get related to whomever is in the top-most msn window. i’m sorry about that, but at least you guys get pretty pictures now!
so yeah, happy birthday, blog. here’s to another five years (i’ve already paid for the domain), i hope.

4 Thoughts on “belated blogday

  1. shy me on August 11, 2005 at 13:55 said:

    happy blogday birfday

  2. fizzgig on August 11, 2005 at 14:06 said:

    woah. ur gettin old… are blog years like dog years?

  3. From an albino giraffe to an inner weirdo… what a journey it’s been!

  4. If I weren’t so insanely mad at you about the bunny debacle, I’d wish your blog a happy birthday.
    P.S. I still say you should have backdated the post and just pretended that your server went down.

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