okay, someone just called my cell phone, but they blocked their number. that’s NOT the way to get me to answer. just like i hang up my land line if there’s that second or two of silence when the autodialer connects to the telemarketer, i don’t answer calls i don’t know the number of.
by the way, i’m really cranky today and it’s for no apparent reason. i’m getting lots done at work, the week is flying, i have byron the temp to flirt with for the next two weeks, we have a big bag of free chips in the office, my supervisor is away and they’re building me the kickass shelving unit i designed for my uniform room. what’s there to complain about?
i think i need a hug. someone to curl up on the futon and watch movies with. someone who smells like leather and tobacco. someone who’ll stroke my hair while it rests on their lap.
ugh. i gotta stop that or i’ll be melancholy AND cranky and that’s just a recipe for disaster.

3 Thoughts on “somebody

  1. two words: pajama party!

  2. Your pajamas smell like leather and tobacco, Col?
    *backs away slowly*

  3. sounds like you want to cuddle with John Wayne?

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