“friday was, next to thursday, one of the most stressful days i’ve had in recent memory. i don’t even know why it was so extraordinarily annoying, but i could almost feel my blood boiling in my veins and my breath catchng in my chest as i tried to just get something, anything done in the chaos of the day. how is it that the days you look most forward to are the ones which are so amazingly frustratng?”
i wrote that on the ferry last week. wow, what a difference a few days can make. these last couple, i’ve been floating on air. i’m damn cute, i’m damn funny, i’m hyper productive, and i’ve got my words back. the only thing i haven’t done is get outside to make photographs, but that’s okay ’cause i’ve been hanging out online with jeremy and watching movies and making tortilla pizza and buying blueberries and going out for lunch.
i’m feeling my mojo, that’s for damn sure. i feel invincible! i want to spin in circles and laugh my fool head off. i want to go play and be wild. wild!
hey, who wants to go to playland tomorrow (i can get day passes for $24 through work if you confirm by 3pm)?

5 Thoughts on “mood swing girl

  1. Hey, is that Josh/xdjio in the picture there?
    I hope you have fun at Playland! I already said yes to the art gallery. Meh. Culture sucks.

  2. heather on August 12, 2005 at 10:00 said:

    it is josh. good eye.
    hey, the art gallery isn’t going anywhere. come to playland instead!

  3. I’m still reeling from having gone on the “Drop Zone” a few weeks ago, I think I’ll have to refrain from Playland for another year. Though that was dead fun, there’s something about being suspended in the air by wires, 100 feet up from concrete.

  4. Hey glad things are going mucho better, H! :) Yay! I know just what you mean… It’s really easy to get lost in the darker stuff in a hurry, with no light at the end of the tunnel, and only a few days later awake from the funk wondering why you felt so down in the first place.
    Happens to us all. Sending you a mental hug!

  5. I wish I could go to PlayLand, but I’ll be on a plane :)

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