i forgot my blog’s twelfth birthday. i’m sorry, weblog. you’ve been good to me. you deserve better…

2011: time files (and so do i!)
2010: pass the cake!
2009: well, fuck me running
2008: belated, like always
2007: (it looks like i was busy trying to buy car, and forgot)
2006: trolls and stalkers and spam, oh my!
2005: belated blogday
2004: four fucking years!
2003: (there were technical difficulties of some sort, it seems)
2002: time flies
2001: who woulda thunk it
2000: the post which started it all

  • 12 years
  • 2,835 entries*
  • eleventy-million designs
  • all the photos
  • 4 computers
  • 3 cars
  • 2 apartments
  • 1 girl

with twitter & facebook, texts & imessages, friends & boyfriend, the reasons i started this website in the summer of 2000 just don’t seem to be there for me any longer. i find this place a thing i feel i should update, rather than one i want to update. i come by once a month or so to put some more words on the internet which no one but a handful of you with it still in their RSS reader will read. unless they’re famous or topical, no one wants to read the verbal diarrhea (flashback: that was the title of my first website circa 1994) of some fat, forty-year-old cat lady.

since i seem to have become a crazy purging minimalist, i wouldn’t be surprised to find myself cleaning out the cobwebs from these URLs one day. i have no concrete plans to mothball and/or delete anything (i kind of hate it when people just randomly delete their entire web presences — especially if they do it often), but i can forsee a time when i might try to curate it down to the “best of heather 2000-2012” or something a little neater than this shitty default template of bleh.

i’ve met so many amazing people thanks to this blog. seriously, so many amazing people i call my friends because we started reading each others’ thoughts on screens over the last decade or so. some, i’ve lost touch with and wish i hadn’t. some, i’ve lost touch with and don’t mind that much. but, to those who are still in my life, just a little or very much a lot, i’m so thankful for your friendships, so grateful for showing me your worlds as i showed you some of mine. you’ve all helped to make me a better heather.

*these counts don’t include the six months of blogger.com entries which weren’t imported individually into the subsequent CMSs & didn’t have comments to start with, so i had to use a third-party comment system which eventually went bye-bye without an archive.

One Thought on “it’s not goodbye. yet. maybe.

  1. helen price on August 26, 2012 at 09:13 said:

    I have read, and totally enjoyed, every single blog entry you made. Because of your great influence, unbeknownst to you, I started one of my own. I LOVE it! And I have so enjoyed yours. If you keep it up I will be a happy follower, but, I believe in free will, so if you decide to hang it up..I am sad but understand. You have been a “friend” for a long time.

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