so… my internet home is 13 years old today.

yes, it’s gotten a little neglected lately. twitter and facebook and instagram have kind of taken over as the place i dump my brain so i don’t explode all over myself.  plus, i don’t even think any of y’all know this is here anymore now that google reader shut down (if google doesn’t believe in rss, it must not exist).  i did finally get around to updating the infrastructure for the website and paid for the next year’s worth of hosting and five years of domain name, so i must not yet be ready to let it go.

you don’t actually just want to hear about cats, cleaning and my financial spreadsheets, do you?  because, really, that’s all i have going on these days.  i had this discussion with friends last night about how i need something. something to sink my teeth into. a project or something new to learn because i feel so stuck and boring these days.  i’m happy for suggestions, by the way.

anyway, yeah. 13 years. my blog is now starting high school.  how scary for it.

i’m thankful for all of you still reading. i’m thankful for all of you who have come and gone from my life through these years. reading my words and sharing yours with me. you all are what made this whole thing worth it.  i loves you.


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4 Thoughts on “lucky number 13

  1. Happy Birthday, Fubsy! I still have it in my RSS Reader of choice & am happy whenever (no matter how long between posts) there is something new. Lookit me being all old-fashioned and commenting.

  2. (the other) Heather on August 13, 2013 at 17:05 said:

    Yay, 13 years! Time for you to visit Worcester again! ;-)

  3. Catherine on August 13, 2013 at 20:33 said:

    I read this in my self-hosted Tiny Tiny RSS! Yay, Heather!

  4. Julie on August 31, 2013 at 10:25 said:

    Happy belated! I likes to read your words…keep them coming please.

    Have you considered learning to meditate? I think it would be very beneficial for you. (Really, it can benefit anyone.) I have been learning how to “quiet my mind” and while it is quite difficult, the more I practice the better I get at it. And it’s really helpful because I usually have a hard time turning off the clutter in my brain so getting into a truly relaxed state is doing wonders for all of me.

    Also, I think you would love this book:

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