since i went to the bother of upgrading my cms to fix all sorts of growing issues with the antiquated version i’d been using, i thought i should write something to go with with the shiny new engine driving things around here now.

so, some things:

  • this site is now running its fourth content management system in 13 years.  first came blogger, then greymatter, then moveable type and now wordpress. whee!
  • i had a birthday. it wasn’t a big deal.
  • my stressed out foot boners seem to be almost better. between two months off work, a month and a half of slowing returning to work, physio, chiro, podiatry, new orthotics, tennis balls, ice packs and disabled parking spots, i’m almost cautiously optimistic that my feet might be better. ish. maybe.  i’m totally paranoid to declare myself healed because every other time i’ve expressed optimism, something has flared up and made me want to cry and hack them off.
  • i found someplace i can walk around in trees. this makes me happier than i can say. i missed the smell of forest.
  • i still want to get rid of all the things and start over fresh.
  • cats. so awesome.
  • after three months of not cooking, i think i’m ready to start dealing with food again.
  • it might be a sign that every time i’ve found a telus pvr on sale i’ve not been able to buy it before the sale ended.  i have until july 10th to decide if i’m keeping tv.
  • got my hairs cut off after over a year and no one noticed.  NO ONE.  so sad.
  • speaking of hair, i’m so close to shaving the cats.  my poor vacuum is being worked to death.
  • even though i rarely feel like i deserve it, i have some amazing friends who are very kind to me and i’m thankful for them all.

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