i did this same list when i moved the last time — 13 years ago — and i’m nothing if not a creature of habit, so here goes:

things i will miss about about my apartment:

  • the hardwood floors
  • the new, double-glazed, vinyl-framed windows
  • the three-blocks-from-anything-i-need location
  • North Vancouver
  • the pink bathtub
  • the exfoliatingly intense shower
  • the plaster-worked ceilings
  • the insanely cheap rent
  • the free heat & hot water
  • the dumpster
  • the friendly fireman neighbour next door
  • being walking distance from the hospital
  • being 10 minutes from Shan’s house
  • living near my dad
  • 25 minutes to the ferry
  • all my favourite¬†breakfast places nearby

things i will NOT miss about my apartment:

  • Stompy McStomperson and her replacement Thunderfoot Clompsalot
  • the sirens (fire, police and ambulance are all within three blocks)
  • traffic noise
  • $1.50/load laundry, in the basement, with¬†ONE washer and ONE dryer for TEN apartments
  • silverfish
  • shitty parkers parking badly next to my car
  • super loud neighbours (partying, sexing, yelling at video games, screaming, fighting, practicing instruments, singing karaoke, listening to religious radio broadcasts, too much base on action movies, really bad taste in music)
  • getting blasted with boiling hot/freezing cold in the shower because someone else is doing laundry or dishes.
  • the peeling lead-filled paint in my bathroom the super refused to fix
  • the lack of storage
  • not having control of the heat
  • having things take forever to get fixed/replaced
  • the airplane-taking-off loud bathroom exhaust fan
  • the tiny apartment-sized oven
  • bridge traffic getting off the North Shore
  • the lack of power outlets

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