i was cleaning out some “stuff” i’d been hoarding and found a card a friend sent me for xmas two years ago. i opened it up and read what they’d written inside and my heart stopped when i got to the last line.
it read: “thank you for being there; i’d probably be dead without you.”
i have to make a more concerted effort to stay in touch with those i care about. now i’m very worried about them. i’m going to phone tonight. no excuses.

ugh. why did i think it was such a great idea to have kfc for dinner last night? on top of that, why did i eat the entire container of cole slaw? last night was gastro-intestinal torture night.

what is it about kittens which makes me melt? i went with meghan to pick up her new kitten last night. his name is molson (yes, like the beer), he is fourteen weeks old, white with orange “firepoint” markings, blue eyes, and he purrs like a finely tuned hawg. i was holding him in my arms and he was nuzzling his nose into my curls while purring unbelievably loudly for such a little thing. all i wanted to do was bring him home with me.
i’ve had a lot of pets in my life, but mostly they’ve been cats. i love cats. all cats. itsy cats, jungle cats, alley cats, show cats. if it’s feline, i will “ooh” and “ahh” and wistfully say “i want one”. one of the things i really miss in my life is having a cat to come home to every day. when i moved to the city, i left my cat with my mom. now, when i go over, he hides from me (he was always overly timid) and unless i drag him out from under the bed, i can go an entire weekend without seeing him. he’s become my mother’s cat.
another reason to move: finding an apartment which allows pets.

i went to a hockey game last night. that sentence cannot even begin to grasp the glory that which was the game. if you’re a hockey fan, a real hockey fan, you may have an inkling of what a religious experience it is to be present in the arena when everything your team does clicks. it is magic.
my team: vancouver canucks (6th). opposing team: colorado avalanche (1st). place: gm place, vancouver. attendance: 18,222 – sell out crowd. historically, the canucks have a losing record against the avs. there is no love lost betwixt them, to say the least. the kicker is that we’ve beaten them twice this season, and the avs have only lost nine games.
it was glorious. after a soft goal by colorado, we trailed 2-0 at the end of the first. i told jason that if he went and got me one of those cool hats we’d win. whether he believed me or not, he did. so i wore my new hat. we only scored one goal in the second, but outshot them 18-5. four minutes into the third period, we tied it up. early in the third, two unfortunately penalties left the canucks with a two-man deficit for 1:42. although it was scary the arena was going wild and “backup” bob essensa was a god. luckily, we were sitting right behind him and had the ultimate view of his spectacular goaltending. every time he stopped a puck, the crowed jumped to its feet and roared. there were countless chants of “bobby! bobby! bobby!” during the night.
after a soft colorado goal, the canucks rebounded and made it 3-3. but the best was daniel sedin’s goal. with just over half a period left, we were leading 4-3. this is when we started to bite our nails. could they hold on? could they keep the avs’ offence at bay? could bob keep up his supernatural stopping ability? things got even more tense when, with just over two minutes in the game left, pederson was sent to the box for tripping. the avs pulled roy for a 6 on 4 advantage. every time the puck crossed vancouver’s blue line to slip into the neutral zone, the crowd raged. finally, schaffer, with less than a minute left, got a quasi-breakaway and managed an empty net shot to nail the coffin closed with a final score of 5-3 for vancouver.
after the game, jason and i were sitting there in awe. i was shaking and exhausted. as we were walking to the station we just kept saying “wow”. we were waiting for a light to change and i said to him “that was… spectacular.” he said, “i don’t think that’s the word.” “you’re right,” i said, “it was orgasmic.” “that’s the word,” he replied.
of course, if you aren’t a fan of hockey you could care less about this entry. but there’s just something about screaming yourself hoarse to encourage your team to a victory against a seemingly insurmountable foe. it felt like david took down goliath last night. it felt like the tide has changed and the tsunami is building to propel the canucks to a victory they so richly deserve.
this good ol’ hockey game…

there’s just something illicit-feeling about going out and buying booze on your lunch hour. it’s not that i’m going to bring it to my desk and get sloshed, but it feels sophisticated yet skid row… anyway, party at my desk! i got the beer!

so, the other day it was the budget. today it’s the fucking resume response letters. right now, at this very moment, there are about 600 resumes that need to be entered into the database. six hundred. six hundred people who want to work here. six hundred people who can’t spell, can’t remember to put vital pieces of their addresses on their resumes (city? postal code?). six hundred people who don’t think it’s important to include their phone number. six hundred people who can’t follow directions (last name first, it says so right there). and i have about two weeks to get them all done.
i used to call them the “sucks to be you letters”. i’m starting to think it’s more like sucks to be ME.

i think it would be neat if you strung together everything you say in your entire lifetime, from first word to last, it turned out to be one big palindrome.

okay… i cheated a little bit with the time, but the last blogger entry i wanted to make was thwarted by yet another big, ugly ‘b’ and an apology.
so, welcome to my first official greymatter entry! there may be a few growing pains while i suss out everything it can do and fix any mistakes i’m bound to have made during the conversion.
noticable differences: new colours, random header image, the return of comments, and the fact that this page starts with february (for anything prior, please see the archives – i couldn’t figure out an easy way to convert them).
i know i’m excited. ever since i got involved with this blog, i’ve wanted a way to have more control over how content got processed. now i have it and i am pleased.