so, the other day it was the budget. today it’s the fucking resume response letters. right now, at this very moment, there are about 600 resumes that need to be entered into the database. six hundred. six hundred people who want to work here. six hundred people who can’t spell, can’t remember to put vital pieces of their addresses on their resumes (city? postal code?). six hundred people who don’t think it’s important to include their phone number. six hundred people who can’t follow directions (last name first, it says so right there). and i have about two weeks to get them all done.
i used to call them the “sucks to be you letters”. i’m starting to think it’s more like sucks to be ME.

i think it would be neat if you strung together everything you say in your entire lifetime, from first word to last, it turned out to be one big palindrome.

okay… i cheated a little bit with the time, but the last blogger entry i wanted to make was thwarted by yet another big, ugly ‘b’ and an apology.
so, welcome to my first official greymatter entry! there may be a few growing pains while i suss out everything it can do and fix any mistakes i’m bound to have made during the conversion.
noticable differences: new colours, random header image, the return of comments, and the fact that this page starts with february (for anything prior, please see the archives – i couldn’t figure out an easy way to convert them).
i know i’m excited. ever since i got involved with this blog, i’ve wanted a way to have more control over how content got processed. now i have it and i am pleased.